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Storm Damage

Storm Damage can affect your roof and home exterior. Rest assured that your home can be restored or replaced after a storm with repairs or replacements from Complete Flashings, Incorporated.

Storm Damage, in Bensenville, Illinois

Let us ensure that your roof is in top-notch shape. We offer Roofing Repairs and Replacements after severe storms involving hail, winds, or lightning. We will work with your Insurance Company to obtain approval for the necessary repairs or replacement to your roof. Our goal is to work with you in meeting with adjusters during the inspection, auditing the insurance company estimates of damages, and managing the project to stay within budget.

Advice to the Homeowner

After a substantial storm hits, Storm Chasing Contractors and Installers will come from all over the United States to capitalize on the Insurance related work. Frequently, many of these contractors leave town with unfinished work or with the insurance checks in hand without any or all of the work having been performed or completed.

Some firms rent roofing licenses from local companies to pull the necessary permits to install jobs. They have mastered cutting corners on materials and material quality as well as shortcutting all quality installation techniques. Most of these out-of-state companies, sales reps and installers will leave at a moment’s notice for the next big storm in another state.


  • Look for Out-of-State License Plates
  • Ask to See Driver's Licenses
  • Listen for an Accent that is NOT Local
  • Verify Copy of License, Insurance & Bonding Paperwork
  • Research the firm with the Illinois Attorney General's Office

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